It’s Been A While!

It’s been a long time since I added to my blog. I guess I just got out of the habit, but I miss writing (and ranting!) To be honest, I haven’t had a great deal to rant about recently as I don’t have a lot of contact with the hospital these days and am consequently much happier and optimistic. I have an appointment in a couple of weeks, but basically the oncologist just says ‘How are you keeping?’ and then we talk about holidays and the weather. It’s very weird to be honest. It does sometime cross my mind that I should at least consider having another scan, just to check on everything, but this thought soon passes when I think about the reality of going ahead with it.I quite like feeling sane and I know that I would be anything but if I chose that particular route!

I have to admit that my ‘regime’ has slipped a bit of late. This is especially the case with regard to my diet. I still limit carbs, eat mainly vegan and very little sugar, but the ‘raw’ veganism has gone by the wayside. I am sad about this as I know it’s the healthiest diet, but it was making me so totally miserable, especially in the long Winter months! Now that Spring is on the way I will endeavour to add a few more raw foods to my diet. I m still taking all my supplements and apricot kernals etc., and I have also recently joined the local gym! I have been there every day for the last week and it is certainly making me feel better in myself (and gives me some much needed time away from the family!) Whether I  continue these daily visits I don’t know, but I’m certainly going to try.

As you can tell, we haven’t moved abroad following the Brexit vote, even though we both very much wanted to. It just seemed like such a big move, especially when our families are not getting any younger. It’s still something we often think about though, and I think it will happen one day. We really like it here, but are looking to move back to Dorset. I guess you can’t have everything in life, and although we have made a couple of lovely friends here, we miss all our friends in Dorset. Having said that, I don’t think it will happen any time soon as we are pretty fussy.

Meanwhile, we are getting on with life, taking as many holidays as we can, home educating the children and looking forward to Spring…




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