Getting On With Life….

Since all the stress surrounding my scans and the hospital, I have been doing just as the title says…getting on with life and no longer dwelling on the ‘what ifs’. I have been in this situation before, of course, but this time is definitely different. In the past I have only got on with my life for seven or eight weeks at a time, in the lead up to yet another dreaded scan. As I am not going to be having a scan in April, I am much more relaxed and living as near to a ‘normal’ life as it’s possible for someone with my personality! I think a lot of people, including myself, would be tempted at this stage, to ‘let things go a bit’ and not be so regimented in my approach to my treatments. I think this would be understandable, as how ‘normal’ is it to meditate for an hour a day, take 30 plus supplements, do 30 minutes of exercising, make up two litres of alkaline water each day, take baking soda/lemon juice mixture twice a day, eat 30 apricot kernals etc, etc….? Some elements of the above are, of course, ‘normal’ to a lot of people, but prior to my diagnosis I didn’t follow anything particularly healthy! I did TRY to get some exercise, and TRY to eat healthily, but I certainly didn’t look at health and food like I do now.

I have decided to actually be more disciplined in my approach to my treatments. It would be easy to let things slide and treat myself to some yummy warming food, but I think that would only make me worry again. It is sometimes so difficult to push myself to do all the things I am supposed to do, and I have always found structure and routine very boring and tiresome. What I have to remind myself of, on a daily basis, is how far I’ve come at this point and what I have achieved thus far. I undoubtedly feel a lot better in myself since I have started eating healthily and exercising regularly. The meditation and yoga have also gone a long way in helping me to cope both emotionally and physically.

Spring is also just around the corner (Hopefully!), so this thought is helping my mood quite a bit! Yesterday we went to Tavistock. I did a little bit of driving (just to keep my hand in), and the sun shone all day. It made such a massive difference to my mood, and to Andy’s too I think. I love the moor, but it can be a bit bleak in the Winter. It was truly beautiful yesterday.

So, upwards and onwards! I feel I haven’t seen my friends enough recently, so now the weather is improving I am going to endeavour to drive more, and arrange to meet up with them on a more regular basis. We are still looking for properties and also trying to be a bit more structured home-ed wise. So…plenty to be getting on with…





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