Disappearing cancer patients….

I don’t know if you have seen my post on facebook concerning this topic, but it certainly makes very interesting reading, and doesn’t surprise me one bit, as it’s exactly what has happened to me!

Disappearing patients

I am due a scan in about a week, but I have heard nothing from the hospital. It is looking like they don’t wish to see me any more, since I gave up ‘their’ treatment and decided to go my own way! This, on one level, is okay with me, but when you really think about it, it is quite disgusting.

I believe many patients go their own way and are well for many many years, and so you would think that the Hospital would want to know these patients outcomes, the one’s they have spent hundreds of thousands of pounds on…You would also think that they would want to talk to these patients and ask them how they ‘cured’ themselves so that they could conduct research into it and so help other people who have cancer.

Apparently not…

I certainly do not intend to let this go. I will be in touch with the Head of cancer services at the hospital and ask for a meeting to discuss this issue, and, unlike my last meeting with them, I am not going to let it go quite so easily.

I am very angry about this situation, not for myself, but for other people both now, and in the future, who are diagnosed with cancer. Most people think that the NHS are in the business of trying to cure people from cancer, but if that were the case then surely they would be interested in a whole variety of ‘cures’ and not just the one that they currently ‘push’ which has very limited success (by their own admission!)

I know exactly what will happen when I have the meeting with Cancer services – they will say that it was an ‘oversight’ or an administrative error, and that of course they were going to send me an appointment in due course,…and I, of course, will believe them! (Not!)……


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