Fame At Last….

As I have said in my previous blogs, I started taking Low Dose Naltrexone in the Summer, and it is through taking this that I believe my tumours have shrunk. I regularly looked on the LDN research Trust website and I recently got an email asking for help with their research on LDN use for cancer. I was more than happy to help and so contacted them earlier this week. They said they would like to conduct a telephone interview and I was happy to oblige.

Now, I may be a bit naive, but I had no idea they were going to record the interview until the woman called me. I suddenly became a little nervous, but nevertheless took a deep breath and got on with it. She has also asked me to write my ‘story’ and send in a photograph to be included on their website. I am more than happy to do this as I would very much like to help in spreading the word about LDN and it’s many uses. Towards the end of our telephone conversation she asked me if I would consider taking part in a TV documentary that they are making about LDN and cancer early next year. As anyone who knows me will testify, I am quite a reserved person, and so my instinctive reaction was to politely decline. However, this is too important and I feel so strongly that information regarding LDN should be made more widespread, that I agreed. Whether anything will come of it I don’t know, but watch this space…!!

This is the best photo that I could find!!




Sums me up quite well I think!


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