WTF? Part 2



We settled down to watch ‘Stand Up 2 Cancer’ on Channel 4 last Friday night and were horrified when we realised that all donations were going to Cancer Research UK (CRUK). There are literally hundreds of cancer charities and yet the only one receiving money was the one that already gets the bulk of cancer donations.

Firstly, let me tell you a little about why I don’t like CRUK. If you look on their website you will see that they only put funds into chemotherapy/pharmaceuticals and they dismiss any ‘alternatives’. This, to my mind, is irresponsible and narrow. It seems that the only ‘cure’ they are interested in funding is the one supplied by big pharma. They won’t even look into other cures, and you have to ask yourself why?

Part of the answer to this question is the fact that representatives of the big pharmaceuticals sit on CRUK’s board.

CRUK are totally dismissive of anything other than pharmaceuticals and actively dissuade people from looking into other treatments/possible cures, even ones that have a LOT of evidence. A much better charity is ‘Yes To Life’ who help fund natural and alternative cures with or without conventional treatment.

Let me put it another way…


“Please donate to help find a cure…

For a £600 donation to Yes To Life you could help save the life of someone with stage 3+ cancer. This would provide the medicine necessary to potentially secure a cure for this person. So consider your donation carefully.

Alternatively you could give your donation to a £700 billion industry aimed primarily at exterminating cancer by licensed drugs. In reality they will support people to die from THEIR drugs and procedures, whilst extending the ‘patient’s’ life by an average of 3 months.

As I say, consider your donation carefully…”


I am certainly not the only one thinking this way. Linus Pauling PhD (2x noble prize winner) argues that ‘everyone should know that most cancer research is largely a fraud and that the major cancer research organisations are derelict in their duties to the people that support them.’

It is also true that CRUK already know how to prevent cancer but they are not interested in preventing it, only in finding a ‘cure’. As Dr Robert Sharpe says,  ‘in our culture treating disease is enormously profitable, preventing is not.’

CRUK received £460,000,000 last year of which £130,000,000 was actually spent on generating these funds. A further 2.5 million was paid to management of the charity. Total scammed = £132.5 million!!

I would love there to be a day when all cancer is irradicated, that day can not come soon enough, BUT I don’t believe that CRUK will play any part in this…


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