My Regime


Listed below are the supplements and measures I take to shrink my tumours in a natural way…

Graviola x6        Also know as sousop, it grows in the rainforests of Asia, Africa and South America.

Bosswellier x2   Also known as Indian frankincense

Curcumin x2      Active ingredient in turmeric

vitamin D x4 800iu

Grapeseed extract x2   Contains antioxidants

D.I.P x2                           Daily Immune Protection

Baking soda and lemon juice in water x2

30 apricot kernals per day or Apricot kernal tablets 1000mg a day

LDN 4.5ml at night       Low dose naltrexone

Sweet wormwood and Iron


Bitter melon


I eat only organic vegetables, especially leafy green vegetables such as spinach and kale.

I do not eat any sugar or dairy and very few carbs.

I exercise for 30 minutes every day. Included in this is 15 minutes on the trampoline, as this has been shown to help in breast cancer cases.

I try to stay positive, as I really believe that this is important.

There is also a lot of evidence about the effectiveness of cannabis oil…..


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