To Scan or not to scan?


I am due to have another scan in November, and am at a loss as to know what to do about it. On the one hand, I need to know what is going on with my tumours, but on the other, I really dread the whole process and week (at least!) of worry that follows the scan taking place whilst waiting for the results.

I am confident that I am doing what is best for me and am still religiously following my supplement and healthy eating regimes, but when scan time is coming up I automatically start doubting it and start to think, ‘What if…?’ This begs the question, ‘Should I really be having scans?’

Apart from the stress and worry of scans there is also the issue of huge amounts of (cancer causing) radiation being put into my body. A CT scan which is generally repeated every three months, gives you the equivalent of a whole years radiation from environmental sources.

I have, through my research, found an alternative to CT scans, one which has no radiation involved. This procedure is called Medical Thermal Imaging, and is supposedly very safe. As with so many ‘alternative’ procedures and treatments it comes at a cost – £395 to be exact. Not only this, but there are only a few centres which carry this out, so there is inevitably quite a bit of travelling involved also. If money was not an issue it would be a no-brainer, but there is only so much money in the pot, and trying to balance how much I spend on treatments with how much I spend on doing ‘fun stuff’ is difficult.

Part of me would rather just say, no more scans! The problem with this is that I know of a particular treatment, GcMAF, that can actually cure stage 4 cancers. The Doctors involved in this are so confident of this that they offer you your money back if your tumours do not shrink each week that you are having treatment! You are only allowed to receive this treatment abroad and it costs around £27,000, (so obviously there is the money issue again), but they do not let you have the treatment until you are given three months to live. Blindly carrying on in ignorance of what is happening in my body is all well and good, but if the methods I am using stop working I need to know so that I can try other alternatives.

The whole GcMAF issue is big news at the moment. Those of you who see my Facebook posts will know that a lot of ‘natural’ Doctors are being found murdered and it is thought that this may be a result of big pharma (yet again!) trying to silence them. Some may see this as very ‘conspiracy theorist’, but it certainly makes sense to me. If GcMAF can cure cancer, the whole chemo industry is jeopardised.

GcMAF link

For now, I am trying not to think too much about the scan/no scan question, but as I wait for the inevitable letter to come through the door in the next few weeks, it is something I will have to ponder more and more…


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