Chris Beat Cancer

A particular website which I have referred to many times is ‘Chris Beats Cancer’

There are a series of videos on you tube which include how to make a superfood cancer busting salad, and lots of advice on how to beat the big C using natural methods. A video of particular interest is of Chris talking to a nurse who worked in a chemo unit for many years but then gave it up when she could see that it was not working in the long term. She lists all the many alternatives available, including vitamin C injections, cannabis oil etc,

We are so entrenched in the slash burn,poison philosophy that many people just do not question it when it is put forward as their proposed treatment. I know I didn’t – I blindly followed what the ‘experts’ said I needed to do. The more I look into chemo and its effects the more it astonishes me that so many people are still going down this particular road. Several practitioners of natural treatments have previously worked in cancer wards, and if the people on the front line are saying its limited in its usefulness then surely its something you need to question.

If you are wondering why none of these ‘alternatives’ are mentioned to patients, it is because oncologists are not ALLOWED to advise on anything other than chemo, radiotherapy and surgery. As I have mentioned before, if you ask an oncologist about alternative treatments they trot out the same ‘It hasn’t been researched, there have been no trials’. There are never likely to be any trials either, not when big pharma make so much money from chemotherapy drugs.

The internet is awash with stories of people whose cancer has gone into remission when they have used alternative treatments. I don’t have enough hours in the day to research them, there are so many. Change of diet, exercising, baking soda protocol, essiac tea, the list goes on and on.

One of the first things I found out about was raw apricot kernals to beat cancer. I eat 30 of these a day, because I have read more than one article detailing how a person beat cancer just by doing this alongside  dietary changes. Apricot kernals contain vitamin B17, which has been found to attack cancer cells. Although some treatments can be very expensive, this is one that is relatively cheap.

I feel very strongly that there needs to be a change in the way we talk about and treat cancer. If the NHS were happy to spend £70,000 a year on kadcyla (a chemo drug), then why can’t there be a fund to assist those that choose a different path. After all, if you choose not to have chemo you are saving the NHS literally hundreds of thousands of pounds. But obviously this is never going to happen and we all know the reason for this, if lots of people choose this alternative path then the drug companies, and all those with shares in them, lose money.

What I would really like to do is plaster the walls of the cancer unit with information about alternative treatments, so that people could at least make up their own minds. It would be a lot more beneficial to patients than those ‘Diet Myth’ posters that are there now!


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