Getting married – Again!



On July 18th Andy and I renewed our wedding vows in front of our close friends and family. It was something we had thought about long before my diagnosis, but as it was our 25th wedding anniverary this year, we though it would be the perfect time.

Having this to arrange gave me a much needed distraction from hospital visits and in a way contributed to me stopping chemo, as I told my oncologist that I didn’t want to start a new chemotherapy until after the big day.

Having decided to hold the ceremony in our garden, we then had lots of planning ahead, which we really enjoyed. We ordered the marquee, sent out the invitations and then sorted out the reception at a local pub. As the time got nearer, we both became very nervous, and when the day did come around I was a gibbering wreck! (Probably not helped by having a few too many drinks the night before! Me? Never!)

It was a fantastic day, filled with love. The sun shone and friends and family alike all really got on well with each other, and I hope, had a good time.

I have always been a sufferer of the pleasure/pain situation. When I have had a really good  time I always then hit a massive low afterwards. This has heightened recently. I really feel the highs, which is great, but then I really hit the lows (not so great!) I wouldn’t say I was depressed or low after our lovely day, but I certainly felt extremely emotional and consequently cried on and off for several days after! Andy and I then went on ‘honeymoon’ to London for a couple of nights, and although it was strange being there without the children, we had a fantastic time. Andy and myself are even closer than before now, as I think our vows were so much more heartfelt than when we got married 25 years ago because of everything we have been through together…


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