I gave up chemo back in May of this year, as my CT scan showed that my tumours had doubled in size since my last scan. I then carried on with my supplements and continued to take Low Dose naltrexone (which I will talk about in a future post). My oncologist was supportive of my ‘taking a break’ from chemo, but said I should have scans so that if there was progression I should re-start chemo. She agreed that chemo is limited in its usefulness and statistically only adds a couple of months to the life you would have had naturally. She told me that even on chemo the best to hope for would be that the tumours would remain as they were.

Fast forward to the results of my last scan, which showed that the tumours had reduced in size by 20%-30%. When I spoke to my oncologist she said ‘I think we should just say that they have remained stable’!! I had the results right in front of me with precise figures, and yet here she was saying nothing had changed! I don’t think she could quite get her head around the fact that through taking things into my own hands they had reduced, whilst when on chemo they had grown! I firmly believe that because the oncologists are beholden to the drug companies, they  see chemo/radiation/hormone therapies as the only treatments that are of any use and are very quick to dismiss any other treatments.

I have tried many times to discuss ‘alternative’ and sometimes not so alternative treatments with oncologists and I have always been met with the same response…’There is no evidence that these things work’, or ‘There hasn’t been any trials carried out’ or even ‘They may interfere with the chemo’ (!) It doesn’t take too much research or critical thinking to come up with the reason why there haven’t been trials and research into other treatments…after all, there are a lot of people making a LOT of money from chemotherapy drugs…..

Certainly makes you think….


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